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Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (CPPAs)

Traditionally, businesses buy their electricity from licensed electricity suppliers – but a corporate power purchase agreement (CPPA) offers an alternative.

It’s a long-term contract under which an organisation agrees to buy some of its electricity directly from a grid-connected renewable energy generator, such as a solar or wind farm.

CPPAs help to fund renewable energy projects, as they give generators a long term revenue stream for the energy they produce.

CPPA Partners

Benefits of CPPAs:

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Budget certainty: CPPAs typically cover a period of between five and 20 years and the price per unit can be fixed throughout the full contract
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Price discount: Most CPPAs are priced at a discount to current market projections in order to secure funding

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Meet carbon reduction targets: CPPAs offer a fast way for organisations to reduce their carbon emissions. Renewable Electricity Guarantee of Origin certificates (REGOS) enable organisations to report zero carbon emissions for that electricity

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Corporate social responsibility: CPPAs are a straightforward way of directly supporting renewable energy projects

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Transparency: CPPAs offer clear proof that an organisation’s power is from renewable sources

Portability: CPPAs do not stop you from changing energy suppliers, as you can take it with you if you move your supply contract

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